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Job: Manager

- Mexicali, B.C.

TIMSA strive to develop strong alliances with small and large businesses capable of providing quality products and services. Your partnership is critical to the success of both our Military and Commercial programs. We are algo committed to our Small Business (SB) and Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB) Outreach Programs. TIMSA welcomes any supplier who can provide needed products and services that are consistent and appropriate with our business model. The first step to becoming a TIMSA supplier is to download and complete the GD Supplier Portal. Please note that submitting the survey is no guarantee of business. It will however give us a chance to review your company profile and consider the opportunity you provide. If you are interested in becoming a supplier for TIMSA and/or other GD business units in addition to TIMSA, you can go to the GD Supplier Portal.

Thank you for considering TIMSA.

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Job: Welder

- Mexicali, B.C.

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Thank you for considering TIMSA.

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The HR department at TIMSA seeks to offer the best service for our staff, meeting the needs
they have, as well as working together with all the areas to ensure a good environment within the workplace.

Main phone number +52 (686) 561 8500

HR Manager

José Luis Siono Alegría


HR Coordinator

Mónica Castro